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News » Baseball needs to work on its calendar 2008-11-01

Baseball needs to work on its calendar 2008-11-01

Baseball needs to work on its calendar 2008-11-01
Something has to give.

If baseball insists upon playing 162 regular-season games, three postseason rounds and the World Baseball Classic every four years, weather problems will continue to disrupt the World Series.

Phantastic Phils

"The ball blended in with those big old raindrops," Rollins said. "Right before it got to its peak, I said, 'It's one of 'em up there.' When the lights hit the raindrops, everything was the same size."

The one ball Rollins said he should have had was the two-out single by B.J. Upton in the sixth that led to the Rays' tying run. The Phillies were angered by the hit, believing Rollins would have made the play easily on drier ground.

Rollins said he was playing one step closer to home plate than normal due, believing that a routine grounder would lose speed in the drenched infield. His positioning cost him some lateral coverage, but Rollins got to the ball, which bounced off the heel of his glove.

While Rollins offered no excuses, he did give one additional explanation, saying that when the lights reflected off the water on the field, everything on the ground became bright, costing him depth perception.

"That's precious," he said.

Of course, the conditions were poor for both teams.

Upton said that once he got to first, he told himself, "Stay on your feet." He stole second, making sure not to slide past the bag. Then he scored on Pena's single, saying he "tiptoed" around third while taking a wider turn.

Phillies left fielder Pat Burrell, who admitted to difficulty gripping the ball, said he "couldn't believe" that his throw home was on line. Upton, though, slid in safely, prompting one scout to crack, "He's so fast, when he slid, he didn't even get wet."


Before Game 3 of the Series, Mike Clements, the mayor of Buena Vista, Va., called Scott Palmer, the Phillies' director of public affairs. Clements told Palmer that he wanted to personally deliver a good-luck banner that the town had prepared for its favorite son, Charlie Manuel.

Palmer talked Clements out of making the trip, citing the threat of rain, and said they should talk on Sunday before Game 4. Clements did as instructed, calling again on Sunday morning. Only this time he said he was standing outside Citizens Bank Park.

The Phillies gave Clements a tour of the ballpark, then hung the 11- foot by 6-foot banner on the lower concourse. The banner included a huge picture of Manuel and said, "Good luck Charlie and Phillies from Buena Vista, Va."

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Added: November 1, 2008

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