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Now that they finally have won their first World Series championship since 1980, the Phillies are getting greedy. 
Submitted on: 2008-12-10
Philadelphia Phillies Roster Report 2008-12-10

Winning the World Series was enough for the Philadelphia Phillies to want manager Charlie Manuel around a few more years. 
Submitted on: 2008-12-10
Phillies extend Manuel through 2011

LAS VEGAS - The Cardinals are determined but picky buyers for pitching. 
Submitted on: 2008-12-09
Outfielder for pitcher is likely Redbirds can dip into their surplus of lefthanded hitters to make a deal.

LAS VEGAS -- Now that the winter meetings have opened and the Twins have priced a few free agents and floated a few trades, their shopping list is much more clear. 
Submitted on: 2008-12-09
Minnesota Twins have room for one in infield

LAS VEGAS - The Phillies traded onetime hot centerfield prospect Greg Golson to the Rangers for John Mayberry Jr. 
Submitted on: 2008-12-09
Phillies Notebook: Infielder Donald is the top target among Phillies' prospects

An innocent-looking Dick Allen, his thick-lidded eyes peering warily from behind nerdy spectacles, more closely resembles Steve Urkel than the troubled ballplayer Allen had become by 1968. 
Submitted on: 2008-12-09
The Phils in pictures: A revealing look

At least two teams have expressed interest in Jake Peavy at the winter meetings. 
Submitted on: 2008-12-09
Cubs, Phils approach Pads about Peavy

Sources: Cardinals serious about Burnett 2008-12-08

Submitted on: 2008-12-08
Sources: Cardinals serious about Burnett

It's about money, not wins and losses, for Scott Boras' clients. 
Submitted on: 2008-12-08
Hard to imagine Teixeira in D.C., no matter the price

The BoSox always try to stick it to the Yanks. 
Submitted on: 2008-12-07
Sabathia to Red Sox isn't far-fetched

The BoSox always try to stick it to the Yanks. 
Submitted on: 2008-12-08
Sabathia to Red Sox isn't far-fetched 2008-12-07

So much for the idea of certain top free agents panicking and accepting their clubs' offers of salary arbitration. 
Submitted on: 2008-12-07
Sources: Several top FAs likely to reject arbitration

Phillies head to meetings with new man in charge (Amaro), same need as always (pitching)

By not offering salary arbitration to free agents Jamie Moyer and Pat Burrell before the Dec. 
Submitted on: 2008-12-05
Philadelphia Phillies Inside Pitch 2008-12-05

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