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A small-market team and a short series often are guarantees of low television ratings for sports in this age of fractured audiences. 
Submitted on: 2008-10-31
World Series draws record-low TV ratings

President Bush has called the president of the Philadelphia Phillies to congratulate the National League team on winning this year's World Series. 
Submitted on: 2008-10-31
Bush congratulates Phils on World Series win 2008-10-30

Many baseball fans here would not speak the "P" word in the anxious days leading up to the city's World Series title, lest they jinx the team. 
Submitted on: 2008-10-31
Mayor wants good behavior at World Series parade

The Philadelphia Phillies are built to be more than a one-year wonder. 
Submitted on: 2008-10-31
Next year starts now for Phillies

President Bush has called the president of the Philadelphia Phillies to congratulate the National League team on winning this year's World Series. 
Submitted on: 2008-10-30
Bush congratulates Phils on World Series win

Tens of thousands of horn-honking, high-fiving Phillies fans streamed into the streets Wednesday night after Philadelphia won the World Series, celebrating the championship by knocking down traffic signals, spraying beer and shooting off fireworks. 
Submitted on: 2008-10-30
Philly fans stream into streets to celebrate title

Standing near the mound he owned in October, Cole Hamels clutched his World Series MVP trophy and accepted keys to a sparkling new sports car. 
Submitted on: 2008-10-30
Almost perfect: Hamels wins World Series MVP award

Now that they've won the World Series, the Philadelphia Phillies get to celebrate with a parade down Broad Street on Halloween. 
Submitted on: 2008-10-30
Phillies 4, Rays 3

Brad Lidge dropped to his knees and raised his arms in the air, screaming "We did it!" Catcher Carlos Ruiz ran out and leaped into Lidge's arms and, starting with a big tackle from Ryan Howard, everyone piled on. 
Submitted on: 2008-10-30
Just like all season, Lidge nails it down

Submitted on: 2008-10-30
Young Rays eye promising future

Charlie Manuel looked up at the crowd that loved to boo him and had one message for the Phillies fans all wildly cheering him now. 
Submitted on: 2008-10-30
World Series winner has nice ring for Manuel

No player backs up his bold words like Jimmy Rollins. 
Submitted on: 2008-10-30
Rollins really does have team to beat

For years, the red flag with that magical season -- 1980 -- printed in white has flown by its lonesome above right-center field at Citizens Bank Park. 
Submitted on: 2008-10-30
Philadelphia Phillies Inside Pitch 2008-10-30

Fall Classic? More like the Rainfall Classic. 
Submitted on: 2008-10-29
Whither the weather: Wacky World Series on hold

Should the Tampa Bay Rays wind up taking the World Series back to Florida, the name of one of the heroes will not be found in the box score. 
Submitted on: 2008-10-29
Cozy Rays ride out storm in Delaware

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